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All pedicure services include a lower leg and foot reflexology with warm towel wrap, nail trim, shaping, cuticle conditioning, and polish. To promote good hygiene and sanitation, we use disposable liners, new files, buffers, and pumice stones for each client. Our mission is to bring beauty products that support our defining precept of "be, care, and love." To us, "be, care, love" is a lifestyle, a mantra, and a state of being. We are proud to use the best and safest products for our clients.

Comes with a salt scrub.

Smooth your feet with the little salt scrub. (Callus remover does not include with this classic pedicure)


Comes with: Callus remover, sugar scrub

Our Signature Pedicure comes with callus remover to smooth the heels and exfoliation with a sugar scrub to remove dry skin.


Comes with: Callus remover, sugar scrub, foot mask This treatment will make your feet feel smooth and refreshed with callus remover and sugar scrub that delicately exfoliates dried and dead skin cells. Your skin will be nourished and further smoothed with a foot mask.

Choose your organic sugar scrub: Green Tea, Lavender, Milk & Honey.


Comes with: Callus remover, sugar scrub, foot mask, paraffin wax

This perfect skin treatment is enriched with key ingredients to give your feet the nutrition it needs. We begin with a callus remover, exfoliating and moisturizing sugar scrub, and a foot mask. Your feet will be dipped in paraffin wax for softening skin, giving you a vibrant, healthy glow.

Choose your scent: Lavender, Rose Water, Milk & Honey, Pearl Glow, Green Tea, Orange & Lemongrass, Seaberry & Kukui, Coconut & Honeydew, Jasmine, Tangerine, and Peppermint.


Comes with: Jelly soak, callus remover, sugar scrub, foot mask, paraffin wax

This truly new spa experience provides the ultimate relief for stress and aching muscles. Jelly also helps to exfoliate as well as to hydrate dry skin. This is the perfect treat for your tired feet!


Comes with: Callus remover, pearl scrub, pearl foot mask, paraffin wax

Pearl powder is a beautiful health secret that has been in use for thousands of years in Asia. Authentic pearl powder contains 31% calcium and 56% protein, and an assortment of amino acids. This is believed by some to be good for bone development and to promote healthy, lustrous skin.


Comes with: Callus remover, pearl scrub, pearl foot mask, paraffin wax, collagen socks

Enjoy a truly pampering spa pedicure for a well-deserved treat! Volcano Spa can help improve skin appearance and elasticity. The packets contain rich, effective formulas, including masks and lotion made with collagen to help revive and moisturize dry skin all day long.

Choose your scent: Honey Pearl, Orange, Green Tea, Romance, Tropical Citrus, CBD Rose Gold, CBD Gold, Fuji Pearl, Ginger and Lemongrass

Gel polish add-on + $15


1. Classic Manicure $18

The Classic Manicure gives you a calming experience. Relax while we trim and shape your nails, groom the cuticles, massage your hands with lotion, and finish with nail polish.

2. Signature Manicure $24

Enjoy the Signature Manicure, which uses organic ingredients that include natural detoxifying sugar scrub, restorative and refreshing cream massage, and polish application.

3. Collagen Manicure $28

Here, we combine the Classic Manicure with collagen gloves, enriched with collagen and argan oil. The ultra-nutritious moisturizer penetrates quickly to provide intense nourishing care. Argan oil blended with collagen and shea butter helps immediately soothe the skin bringing comfort and softness.

4. Deluxe Manicure $30

This treatment combines natural alpha-hydroxy fruit scrubs and grape seed anti-oxidant oil to clean out the cuticles and flaky dead cells. We then add a luxurious hydrating cream and mask to infuse nutrients into your hands. Your overworked, tired hands will look and feel better!

5. Luxury Manicure $40

Replenish and revitalize your hands with a luxurious manicure. Enjoy nail trimming, shaping, and full cuticle care. This treatment comes with Deluxe Manicure, plus paraffin dip to restore moisture and elasticity to your skin!

6. Gel Manicure $40

Gel manicures are arguably one of the most exciting beauty innovations of the last few years. A manicure that lasts for two solid weeks without chipping and not requiring any drying time seems miraculous.

Kid's Menu

Hand Polish Change $8
Toes Polish Change $9
Manicure $16
Pedicure $25
Gel Manicure $32
Gel Pedicure $36
Dipping Powder $36
Gel polish change on hands $20
Gel polish change on toes $20

Additional Services

Gel polish change on hands / feet $27
Gel polish change on hands/ feet with take off gel $30
Nail design $5 +
French/color tips $5
Cat eyes/chrome $15
Acrylic on big toes $6
Acrylic repair $4 +
Polish change on hands/ feet $12 / $15
Paraffin treatment $10
Cuticle trim with service $5
Shape $5

(Other than Square, Round, or Oval)

Extra Length $5
Gel Take off with Service $5
Acrylic Take off with Service $10
Removal $10
Matte Top Coat $3

Nail Enhancement

Acrylic (Full Set) $35
Acrylic (Fill-Ins) $25
Extra Gel Over Acrylic (Full Set) $15
Pink & White (Full Set) $60
Pink (Fill-Ins) $30
Backfill $50
Ombre (Full Set) $60
Ombre (Fill-Ins) $50
Polygel (Full Set) $45
Polygel with Gel Color (Full Set) $60
White Tip (Full Set) $40
Polygel French (Full Set) $55
Polygel (Fill-In) $35
Polygel with Gel Color (Fill-Ins) $50
Extra Length + $5
Shape + $5

(Other than Square, Round, or  Oval)

Color Powder (Full Set) $55
Color Powder (Fill-Ins) $35

Dipping Powder

Dipping Powder Color $40

With Takeoff (+$3)

Dipping Powder French $45

With Takeoff (+$3)

Dipping Powder Ombre $52

With Takeoff (+$3)

Dipping Powder with Cuticle Trim + $5
Dipping Powder with Full Manicure + $10
Extra Length + $5
Shape + $5

(Other than Square, Round, or Oval)


Eyebrows $12
Upper Lips $8
Side Burns $17
Face $40
Underarms $30
Full Arms $45
Half Arms $30
Full Legs $65
Half Legs $45
Back $55
Chest $50
Upper & Lower Lips $10
Chin $10